SuperSignsMod 1.0.0

The software has been successfully migrated, find more info here. Registrations are available again but parts of the migration are still ongoing.

Largest choice of hanging and standing signs.


This mod provides 216 new hanging and standing signs from one meter by one to six meters by six in glass, lumber and steel materials in several ratios (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, ...) to fit them in any place.

Easy to craft in their dedicated stations (Machinist Table, Kiln and Sawmill) with tier two components.

HTML tags compatible to easily format your texts.

Perfect to enhance and reinforce the roleplay side of your buildings!

Mod made with passion by Skythunder with the infinite help of Zangdar and Tedox.
For support, help and questions, ping Skythunder#6502 on the official ECO discord.