Aquaculture Mod 1.0.0

The software has been successfully migrated, find more info here. Registrations are available again but parts of the migration are still ongoing.

A mod that offers a new form of gameplay based on water and fishing...

Supported Eco version 8.3.3

Don't you think the oceans in Eco are devalued? That their exploitation remains often forgotten because of their lack of usefulness? Now you can change that! This mod gives more value to the ocean in a new form of gameplay for Eco! Let yourself be tempted by Aquaculture. Create and sell your products to your cooks and discover wonderful new recipes based on the marine exploitation!

Added recipes in Fishery, Mill, Aquarium, Cast Iron Stove, Bakery Oven, Kitchen and Stove...


Ping Ondulas#3977 on Eco Official Discord for support / ideas.

Thanks to SnowHells for his beautiful items !