HaioPais Farmer and Food 1.0.2

The software has been successfully migrated, find more info here. Registrations are available again but parts of the migration are still ongoing.

Expand the Farmer and Cook Skill with new Crafting Stations and Recipes

For Update to Version 1.0.2:
Stop Server -> Delete HPFarmer folder or deinstall over mod installer -> Copy the new HPFarmer folder to Mods or install over mod installer -> Start Server


HaioPais Farmer and Food

New Objects:
- Glasshouse (Here you can Craft Vegetables with Fertilizer and Seeds / Carpentry Table
- Cowshed ([B][I]Carpentry Table)

- Dairy ([B][I]Carpentry Table)[/I][/B]
- Henhouse ([B][I]Carpentry Table)[/I][/B]

New Items and Recipes:

- Egg
- Chicken
- Manure (Craft to Compost Fertilizer)

- Milk
- Cowfed
- Manure

- Gouda
- Mozzarella

Butchery Table:
- Raw Chicken
- Soup Chicken

- Scrambled Egg
- Scrambled Egg with Bacon
- Omlette
- Roasted Chicken
- Chickensoup

- Noudle Bolognese
- Sushi

Bakery Oven:
- Pizza

Have Fun with the Mod!

Support on Discord:https://discord.gg/uKYKNyF