HaioPais Farmer and Food 1.0.2

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Expand the Farmer and Cook Skill with new Crafting Stations and Recipes

For Update to Version 1.0.2:
Stop Server -> Delete HPFarmer folder or deinstall over mod installer -> Copy the new HPFarmer folder to Mods or install over mod installer -> Start Server


HaioPais Farmer and Food

New Objects:
- Glasshouse (Here you can Craft Vegetables with Fertilizer and Seeds / Carpentry Table
- Cowshed (Carpentry Table)

- Dairy ([B][I]Carpentry Table)
- Henhouse (Carpentry Table)

New Items and Recipes:

- Egg
- Chicken
- Manure (Craft to Compost Fertilizer)

- Milk
- Cowfed
- Manure

- Gouda
- Mozzarella

Butchery Table:
- Raw Chicken
- Soup Chicken

- Scrambled Egg
- Scrambled Egg with Bacon
- Omlette
- Roasted Chicken
- Chickensoup

- Noudle Bolognese
- Sushi

Bakery Oven:
- Pizza

Have Fun with the Mod!

Support on Discord:https://discord.gg/uKYKNyF