Eco Database Compress / Collection remover 1.0

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Shrink the Game.db file

With this small tool you can shrink the size of your Game.db file.

0. Take a backup of your server
1. Extract the files.
2. Put your Storage/Game.db or OtherFileName.db into the same directory like the EcoDbCompress.exe
3. The filename must be Game.db. So rename it to Game.db if needed.
4. Start EcoDbCompress.exe
5. Open the json file and set the Collections to "true" which you want to remove
6. Start EcoDbCompress.exe again.
7. Replace the Game_output.db file with your old file

I recommend to remove the following collections:

This deletes the configured collections. So laws which require this information will no longer work properly.
Also the statistics on the webpage will be removed.