Vanilla Industrial Elevator Mod 0.2

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Working industrial elevator for vehicles.

It's a working and Craft-able Industrial Elevator that looks like the vanilla Wooden Elevator. For vanilla enthusiasts. You will need at least 4x5 Hole for this monster.

-For now the elevator mesh is scaled (Wooden Elevator). Hopefully in the future I will make a better mesh. If people want it.
-The Recipe is same as Wooden Elevator (If people won't like it we can make a poll to decided the mats for it.)
-Also the normal Call Post doesn't work with this mod. (Something to do for the future.)
-The Industrial Elevator is a bit darker color than original. (Also can vote on that.)

V0.1 Grey/Shine Material.
V0.2 Multi-player Sync
V0.2 Code cleanup