Compressed Resources 1.1

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Adds a hydraulic press to compress resources like dirt to save space.

Compressed Resources by Mystical Ducks Studio

This mod adds a Hydraulic Press which adds the ability to compress resources like dirt.

In the current version (1.1) it is possible to compress and decompress Dirt, Stone and Sand.

New Machine Recipe
Hydraulic Press

You can craft the Hydraulic Press at the assembly line. It costs 1 Glass, 4 Screws, 1 Iron Piston, 10 Steel.

New Crafting Recepies
It adds 8 compressing and 8 decompressing recepies for Stone, Dirt and Sand.
This is the overview how the compression works. It is the same for Stone, Dirt and Sand.


Compressed Dirt

2x1 = 2 Dirt


Double Compressed Dirt

2x2 = 4 Dirt


Triple Compressed Dirt

2x4 = 8 Dirt


Quadruple Compressed Dirt

2x8 = 16 Dirt


Quintuple Compressed Dirt

2x16 = 32 Dirt


Sextuple Compressed Dirt

2x32 = 64 Dirt


Septuple Compressed Dirt

2x64 = 128 Dirt


Octuple Compressed Dirt

2x128 = 256 Dirt

Other Information
Special thanks to Phlo for helping out with UV-Wrapping the model!
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If you have any problems with the mods contact me via the forum or Discord (Username: NoXid#8912)