Toll Gate 1.0.1

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Adds a Toll gates so you can take cash from those who use your roads.

With this object your road builders can get paid for their hard labor. Privatize the road and put Toll Gates everywhere.

The Toll Gate is 7x1 Block in width and require 6 blocks free space above it to be open. The pole is 6x1, making it for 6 blocks width roads (even tho it can be used for smaller roads).

The Toll Gate is required to be on claimed land in order to collect money.

New Recipe in Assembly Table.


Fee Per Items: Cost of opening it
Fee Per Minute: How long in minutes it will stay open until it closes.
Crafting Window is a requirement for the fee window to been shown, if anyone have a better way to do this please PM me. I cant wait until we can mod the UI.

Model Maker: NordicBjorn