Color Cube

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Add 18 new color blocks useful to make pixelart and buildings

[Blocked Image:]

Hey everyone.

I come here to present you the new mod I'm working on.
First things before I present you everything it add.
This mods add a new plant in the world, so you need to generate a new map when you add this mods.
Careful this mods can't be removed after being added be sure to think before adding it.
Or you can give you some seeds with the command /give ColorPlantSeed,5

This mod replace the existent config file.
I'm really sorry I didn't found any workaround yet.
For people who know a bit json and don't want to loose their config you can just copy the first value in the species tab to your file.

Ok, so what add this mod ?

This mods add 4 items and 19 new blocks
- Color Cube, the main cube that you can color.
- Paint Sprayer, tool used to place, pickup and choose the color of the color cube.
- Color Plant, harvest from the color plant and used to craft the color cube.
- Color Plant Seed, used to plant new color plant.

Here is the 19 color add by the mods:
[Blocked Image:]
From left to right
Rainbow - The block placed in a stockpile or without the paint sprayer
White, Black, Gray, Silver, Maroon, Red, Olive, Yellow, Green, Lime, Teal, Aqua, Navy, Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, Pink

Installation instruction available on the installation guide tab.