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Links Discord Channels to Eco channels, for near-seamless two-way communication, plus commands!

The DiscordLink plugin integrates Eco with Discord.
It allows you link a Discord Channel to an Eco Channel for (near) seamless communication between the two.

DiscordLink also adds a number of commands to Discord and Eco that do a variety of jobs!

From Discord:

?help - Lists available commands
?ecostatus - Prints the status of the Eco Server.
?players - Lists currently online players
?trades <item or player name> - Lists all of the items sold by a player, or all of the players selling an item

From Eco:
/verifydiscord - Confirms the plugin is loaded

/discordguilds - Lists all servers that this bot is connected to
/discordchannels [guildname] - Lists all channels in a specific server.
/discorddefaultchannel [guildname],[channelname] - Sets the channel that /discordmessage sends to for you and only you.

/discordsendtochannel [guildname],[channelname],[message] - Sends a message to the given channel, if the Bot has access to that channel.
/discordmessage [message] - Sends a message to the default channel.

Note: When writing messages to send from Eco, do not include commas in your messages.
Eco will consider them extra parameters to the commands, and any text after the comma will be lost, due to the way Eco handles commands.
Alternative methods of sending long text strings will be implemented in future versions.

Guides and Links
Warning: This mod will not work with some managed hosting providers, due to their security configuration.

Installation: https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoD…lob/1.2.8/Installation.md
Upgrading: https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoD…n/blob/1.2.8/Upgrading.md
Configuration: https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoD…ob/1.2.8/Configuration.md

For code and more details, visit https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoDiscordPlugin